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Can you use a MegAlert on motors powered by a variable frequency drive or solid state soft starter?
Yes, providing that an isolation contactor is installed to isolate the motor from the VFD or soft start. If there is not contactor in the system one can be provided with the MegAlert system. The older type auto transformer soft starters do not affect the MegAlert. (need more information, see Tech Notes under: Articles/Test/Tech)

Where is the MegAlert normally located in a typical circuit?
The MegAlert is connected to one of the phases, at the motor contactor or generator breaker and to the equipment ground and is generally mounted in or next to the motor control center or generator swtichgear. The medium voltage models need to have the MegAlert located in the H.V. compartment of the control cainet or in a separate enclsoure.

My motors run 24 hours a day. How can MegAlert benefit me?
Most equipment that operates 24 hours a day is critical and can not afford lengthy downtime, however, preventative maintenance testing is required. The MegAlert allows you to perform your PM test with the minimal amount of downtime and expense and can be done quickly during any normal interruption that may occur with that type of equipment. Manual testing would not be possible in this situation.

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Introducing our Arc Safe Design

MotorGuard, GenGuards, and CableGuards are available with a new remote control assembly design. The new assembly has a LOTO bracket on the on/off switch, to allow you to lock and tag out the system during maintenance on the equipment being tested. It also has a remote cal pot that allows you to check the calibration of the system and calibrate the system without opening the Motor/Generator control cabinet. Contact us for additional information or for a quote.

Introducing our new Digital Meters

MegAlert, Inc. has optional Digital Meters with a 4 - 20 mA output. This way you can trend and track your data from any critical motor/generator application.

3" Panel Meter                2% Digital Meter Cut Sheet

D digital meter colors

4" Switchboard Meter     1% Digital Meter Cut Sheet

Introducing the all new EZ Brackets

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